Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Irate Letter

I know this is the third post I'm putting up today, but I finally got around to sending an anonymous email to the Honor Code office.
It read as follows:

I am a current student at BYU.  I am technically LDS.  I have lost my faith, but I am still required to attend church and keep my true feelings hidden.  I am not engaged in any Honor Code violations, but there is no way for me to change my religious status and maintain my enrollment because I am LDS.  Were I officially of any other persuasion, I know for a fact that I could easily change my religious status.

I am not the only one in this situation.  We feel that this situation is unjust.

You should know that there are students among the student body who cannot speak their minds in class.
You had better tell your bishops to start "discerning" a little better, because we are among you, spreading our evil and subversive atheist ideas among the student body.  If we could openly be atheist, no religious person would take us seriously, but as we must pose as LDS, we may be damaging to the faith-promoting atmosphere of the University.

Don't bother trying to respond, the email address is a fake.  I just wanted to express my frustration with you.

So that's how it went down.  Hopefully they read it...

I realized recently that my temple recommend expires soon.  Not that I ever go anymore, but this is probably the last time I will be a "current temple recommend holder."  I looked up the questions just for kicks, and I would fail around half of them... all the ones that involve believing in stuff, plus the one about associating with people whose teachings or practices are not in harmony with the gospel.  The other ones I'm more or less pretty solid in, except maybe the one about striving to attend meetings... I couldn't honestly say I "strive" when I read books in my car every week during Elder's Quorum.


  1. LMAO. So funny dave. Except now they will be like "boy, we really need to kick these atheists out now!" lolol.

  2. I briefly considered the possibility that they'd contact the bishops or ask students to rat out their atheist classmates, but I don't think they would ever admit to anyone they'd received a letter like this. ;)

  3. Brilliant Letter. I wish I had my "revelation" a bit sooner at BYU and had written something similar. This fellow BYU alumni skeptic approves

  4. Why do you want to go to BYU if you don't believe in the LDS faith? BYU is really and LDS school for LDS people, like it or not. May sound like an inconvenience that you've got accepted there and all, but maybe you should consider going somewhere where you might fit better. Pick up the credits you can, and move on. It might be a nice opportunity for your spiritual growth. (BTW ... I don't believe in the LDS god either, but went to BYU many years ago)

  5. I'm pretty close to graduating, and it'd be a huge pain to transfer somewhere and lose half my credits. In addition, I'm stuck in Provo for a couple more years for reasons I won't go into.

    I have considered it, believe me. I won't be going to BYU for grad school, that's for sure.