Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Meta-Good: A Modest Proposal

I have a few scenarios to which I wonder how god would react.  Here is one.

So: self-sacrifice is good, right?  The highest ideal, as it were.  "Greater love hath no man..." and so on.
Also: children who die before the age of accountability go straight to heaven and the celestial kingdom, right?
The rather repulsive logical conclusion given these doctrines is that all new parents should murder their newly-born offspring as soon as possible.  Heck, the Christians should be clamoring for abortions!

I mean, sure, the parents go to hell and burn forever... but they do it to guarantee eternal bliss for their children, and so nobly sacrifice themselves!
I actually brings up the question: is anyone really being selfless if they are doing it to get their own selves into heaven?

Obviously, the study of ethics is trickier than I thought.

So, we could probably all agree that it seems clear in almost any religion that god doesn't condone the murder of all children (if there ever has been such a religion, it hasn't lasted for obvious reasons).  But didn't he kill his kid off in order to save all of us?  Hrm...
'Course it was only temporary, so not so bad, right?  How then, are our kids different, if they also get resurrected?

Our human moral intuition tells us it is definitely bad to kill your kids.  Like, you-are-a-horrible-lunatic-who-needs-to-die bad.  But what god says is higher, right?  So why not buckle down and get to business savin' those kids?  Or do we hold the rational conclusions stemming from god's words as inferior to our moral intuition?  Clearly, we do, because even the most pious people I know have non-dead offspring.  If god is good, then our intuition must be meta-good.

It should be added, just in case, that I do not condone the killing of children.  I am using this as an example of why certain religious beliefs seems to lead to moral paradox.  Please, please do not kill your kids.  It's a horrible thing to do.
If, by any chance, I'm in danger of convincing any religious persons that murdering their offspring is actually a reasonable idea, I implore them to remember that I am a godless atheist, and therefore everything I say is a pack of lies of Satan.  I'd prefer blatant, dogmatic dismissal to the death of your children.

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