Saturday, September 25, 2010

Small World

I like to read blogs and stories of other LDS individuals who have questioned or lost their faith.  I feel a bit less alone and I like to know a little bit of what to expect in the next couple of years while I decide what to do in relation to my church activity.

Tonight, I was reading
I felt like I really understood a lot of what he was talking about.  Here is a man who is honest with himself, a family man who wants the best for his wife and kids, but still wants to live how he believes.  I thought I'd like to talk to a guy like this, as I am concerned about how my lack of faith will affect my wife and any children we have.
Anyway, as I read, things got more and more familiar.  The schooling, the dates, his mention of his children...
It couldn't be Rob...  I looked at the name in his profile.  Rob.

He's my sister's husband.
I knew he'd had doubts and stopped attending church (gossip spreads fast in big mormon families, no doubt my extended family has heard about my apostate thoughts, as I've mentioned them to my parents and sister.  I'm sure they pray fervently for my return to the light).

I've been meaning to call him up and talk to him sometime, and tomorrow I think I will.  It's nice to hear his side of the story, because when I heard about it from family members it was as if it was this huge calamity, and even though they didn't say it, there was an unspoken feeling of "what could have gone wrong?"
And Rob, if you ever read this, know that everyone still speaks of you with the highest regard, so don't take that the wrong way.  I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, though, because I myself am already occasionally subject to patronizing lectures from my parents.  I know it is all out of love, concern, etc..

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