Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where the Hell is Hell?

Mostly I liked that title.  I actually want to write about: where is god?

So... it doesn't seem that god has done anything in a while.
Sure, there are anecdotal stories about god's intervention.  But I've written before about how god's interventions does not happen to come along in the majority of cases.

And, of course, we're told that bad things are all god's wrath.  Seriously, Japan, god has tolerated your low crime rates and refusal to engage in warfare long enough!

I think god's greatest show of power must be his amazing ability to influence events without ever leaving a statistical fingerprint.  Run an analysis on earthquakes, and they seem to occur randomly along stressed fault-lines.  God sure is clever to kill a lot of nice people, and occasionally hit barren wilderness.  We'll never be able to tell that the earthquakes were related to him at all!

In addition, god sure is sneaky when he miraculously saves as many heathens as Chrisitians, while allowing most Christians who have contracted terrible diseases to die, just like everyone else.  The fact that he conceals his hand in all of this is incredible... you'd think there would be some kind of pattern if these things were deliberate.

You know what one of the most fun passages of the Bible is?  1 Kings 18:26-27
The priests of Baal and Elijah have a mountain-top showdown to settle once and for all who's god is the real one.  The Baal guys dance and sing and cut themselves, and nothing at all happens.  Elijah makes fun of them while they do this:
"Cry aloud: for he is a god; either he is talking, or he is pursuing, or he is in a journey, or peradventure he sleepeth, and must be awaked."

After this, Elijah douses the sacrifices and prays, and the fire of god comes down and burns up not only the animals, but all of the water and the stone altar.  Pretty persuasive, no?

But wait!  Where the heck is that god now?  Hunting?  Sleeping?
Or maybe we need to get with the times:  he spends all his time on World of Warcraft! 
Or Minecraft (if that's the case, I'm very Christ-like).

Seriously, where is the guy?  Remember how the Mormon church started on the principle of "God is not silent?"  The whole continuing-revelation thing?
And yet, nothing significant has been said for decades by modern-day "prophets."  It's all basically the same as it was, doctrinally, as the way Brigham Young left it.  Sure, we get a couple more tiny bits of D&C after this, but it's really nothing new.

Pretty much, god is dead.  He does nothing.  He can't even get the "faithful" to all be on the same page!

I think it's time to stop waiting for god to fix things for us.  Maybe we should give up on the jerk until he decides he'll start being consistent (or even just apparent).

Damn, I get sick of the self-righteous we-know-everything attitude of some of the religious folks around.


  1. Didn't you hear that the LDS missionaries in Japan were all spared?! You're just not paying attention, man. God is all around, you're just not looking hard enough to see him. It is too bad you are so negative. The negativity is just eating you up isn't it? I'm just kidding, I was trying to play Mormon advocate for a minute since they won't come over here and tell you what they really think ;-) I enjoy your blog!

  2. I inserted a </sarcasm> tag in my comment after the rhetorical negativity question, but it didn't show up because it was mistaken for html...I didn't know there was an actual sarcasm tag?!

  3. I have actually run into the same problem! Anything that looks like a tag is interpreted as one, but I think the browser just ignores tags it doesn't know.

    And I think you're being a little overly-negative about my negativity. Every cloud has a silver lining, even the ones that are about to spawn a tornado and hurl a brick through your head. Happy thoughts!

  4. No dave, facsimilogos is right! You're too negative, you're obsessed! Just leave the church alone! If it isn't true then why can't you leave it alone, huh?! Ever think of that?


    Btw, go check out my latest post and send your tbm friends to glance at it. I actually wrote it up in 'word' beforehand so it has some actual substance!

    PS: i was hoping facsimilogos was a tbm so i could argue, now im sad. lol.