Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Holey Babble

The Bible is the WORD OF GOD!

So you know how Jesus' divinity is declared in the Bible?  Those parts were added to the gospels later.  As were the accounts of the resurrection.  Really, it was likely Paul who helped Jesus evolve from great reformer to god.
"But Dave, how likely is that?  It sounds like a conspiracy theory to me!"
I'd like to point out that many, many great teachers have been deified by supersticious peasants and power-hungry preachers.  Buddha?  Not originally a deity, in fact he took great care to make the fact explicit.  Now?  Pretty much most buddhists regard him as a deity.  The founder of Taoism?  Same thing.  Even Mohammad has a quasi-deity status in Islam, which is the most adamantly-monotheistic religion in recorded history.

Why do we ignore the archeology behind the civilizations in the Bible?  It's a great mythology, parts of it are somewhat historical, but the Bible is just not a good source of accurate information.  What?  The stringent standards of sexual morality espoused by the Old Testament were actually something that evolved through time with the onset of venereal disease?  What?  The Israelite were originally polytheistic?  What?  The account of the flood is a Babylonian myth?  Naaaahhhh....

Religion just doesn't seem... credible.  Or likely.  Or trustworthy.
I'm excited for the day when I can be openly atheist.

For anyone who has a Kindle, by the way, there is a great book that I am reading called Germs, Genes, & Civilization: How Epidemics Shaped Who We Are Today.  I got it for free, but now it's $10, apparently.  But if you are someone who knows me, I could lend it to you.  In any case, it is a fascinating analysis of how epidemics shaped history, how modern diseases came to be, and even how religions like Christianity came to dominance because of disease.  I pretty much can't put it down.

Brief sidetrack... what the hell is up with the History Channel?  When did it turn from "cool documentaries all the time" to "shows about hicks?"  And when there are documentaries, they're all about the abominable snowman and how aliens built the pyramids.  Actually, I thought that this was a really great sum-up of what it has become.
Basically, American are becoming increasingly credulous, self-centered, uneducated, and proud of all three.

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