Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What America Needs to Get Over

1)  Evolution happened, and still happens.  Sorry guys.  You can't reject it without rejecting the scientific method as a source of truth.

2) Bill O'Reilly is a moron who doesn't understand anything.  Stop listening to him.

3) Glenn Beck is a dangerous moron.  I'd prefer that you listen to Bill.

4) Abstinence education raises the incidence of STDs.  That's why the USA has 100 times the incidence of venereal disease of European nations that educate about safe sex.

5) America basically sucks in every regard compared to other first-world nations.  We are no longer the leaders in science, industry, or culture.  In a matter of years, we will not be the leaders in terms of economic power or military strength.  Soon, our space program will be surpassed by India and China.  Pax Americana is over, get over it or look like a fool.

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