Sunday, July 29, 2012

This is it!

I haven't been to church in a couple of weeks.  And I don't think I'll be going back...

This is awesome! I'm... "less-active!"  I'm a wandering soul, an apostate, a seed who sprung up but was choked by the lying weeds of the world!  Wooo!

Honestly, despite all the hype, I don't feel much different.  It's just an annoying thing I don't have to drag myself out to every Sunday.

So... personal inventory time:
Am I offended?   Well, sometimes, especially at really stupid stuff, but not recently.
Am I sinning?    Not going to church is in itself a sin, right?  As is speaking evil of the lord's anointed?  So yeah, I guess... but that seems like a chicken/egg problem.  Naturally, if leaving the church is a sin, all those who leave must be sinning.

I hope I don't become the center of any "rescue efforts."  I'll just have to learn to politely and firmly tell people that "Oh, I'm not interested in coming to church."


  1. Yeah, it was also surprising to me that it didn't feel a whole lot different. Sunday just stopped being annoying and started being awesome. Because I suddenly had a three-hour window every weekend when I could watch an R-rated movie on my computer without my headphones on.

    Congrats on making your apostasy official!

  2. I have high hopes for this change! Good luck with a smooth transition.

  3. Congratulations, Dave. You've just taken the first step into the rest of your life. :)

    1. WTF? Any choice is the first step into the rest of your life... isn't it?